Sunday, January 6, 2013

My not so accomplished Christmas wish list

I must say that this post is a bit late but anyways I manage to cross out some of my wish in my Christmas wishlist. I would like to share with you guys what I got for myself. So let's start!

Salvatorre Mann Backpack
1. A new backpack from Salvatore Mann
Etude House Eyeliner
2. Eyeliner from Etude House
Etude House Lip Balm
3. Lip tint/balm from Etude House
Maxfactor Lipstick
4. Lip stick from Max Factor
Revlon Smoky Shadow Stick
5. Smoky Shadow Stick from Revlon (This one is not included in my wishlist)

Even though I didn't get all the things I want, there is still time to complete it. I got a whole year for me to buy all the things I want! I just have to try harder and save more. How about you? What did you get for yourself? Comment below :)

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