Saturday, May 10, 2014


JPEG diarrhea for all those weeks I haven't posted. (iphone photos again)
Yesterday, my classmates and I went out to do our group presentation in one of our subjects. I know, all I ever write in my blog is either an apology for not posting frequently or school related. Yep, that's me. Anyways, I decided to wear something fresh and cool since the weather in Manila is so humid and so hot at the same time. But of course, mother nature went PMS on me, so by the time that I was about to leave, it rained! So much for wearing shorts and sneakers.
The good thing is, I feel so jolly and vibrant because of my outfit. Who won't be? I mean, I wore such a colorful ensemble. As I said on Twitter, I feel so kpop-y when I have worn this outfit. You know, like korean celebrities tend to wear sneakers with their outfits and still look decent and even, I don't know, cool? Yes, that's my inspiration. (That's my kpop fangirl mode making an appearance on the blog)
Moving on with what happened yesterday, my friend and I arrived at our meeting place at 4 P.M. (we were late actually, sorry!)  I feel so refreshed to be out with my usual company. We stayed at a coffee shop first, and boy, was it comfy. We sat at this long foamed sofa and there is this big post in front of us, that hides us from the other customers. Sorry for feeling so socially awkward sometimes but I'd love to sit there again when I go back to visit . Afterwards, we had dinner together and my best friend stayed for some Cupcakes by Sonja and Krispy Kreme donuts.
We left the place and went home at almost 9:30 P.M. I wouldn't call it project-meeting day but instead it was binge-eating and take-pictures-whenever-and wherever-is-possible-kinda day. I'd love to do it all again next weekend or whenever we're free and not broke because in all seriousness, my wallet has been crying for I have spend almost more than what I should have been spending. (ordered EXO's mini album Overdose. Hi fellow EXO stans! Happy Comeback my boys!)
Gonna end this post with annyeong~

Wearing: Top H&M, Sneakers Skechers

p.s. isn't it funny how easily my outfit matches with all those pictures displayed at the mall? I think I belong... to the fishes.
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  1. Seems like you had a lot of fun! Love your trainers btw :)

    ROUGH & TOUGH | I`m on Bloglovin!

    1. Hi Jia, oh yes I had fun. There were a lot of pretty pictures at the mall that I went too. Thanks!

  2. Great post! Seems you had a lot of fun! I've always loved to visit an aquamarine but i haven't still done it :(
    By the way I've never visited your blog's really interesting! Keep it up! :)
    If you want you could come to visit my blog, i would be happy to know what you think about it and stay in touch and I would be very happy if you could join my new giveaway!
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  3. lovely photos. :) Looks like you had so much fan. :)

    April of:

  4. I've always loved those kpop get ups too! :) Cute outfit! :)


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