Saturday, November 10, 2012

First week of 2nd semester

It has been a not so stressful week (Me being sarcastic here) as I was expecting. There were only orientation with the professors and some of them started their discussion. There was so many new faces, meaning we have new classmates. The only stressful thing that I have experience is the buying of books. The books were so expensive and so heavy! It wouldn't be surprising if I have big arm muscles by the end of the semester.

I wasn't able to take so much pictures because we were always dismissed late and we couldn't go out afterwards and we also have readings to do. But here is a decent photo from our Youth Service program held last November 8, 2012.

My classmates and I together with the FEU-NRMF employees
I'll keep you guys updated!

Till then,

Love, Jannine

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