Sunday, November 4, 2012

Last day of my sembreak

After the mass, my family and I head out to SM Fairview to eat lunch. We went to Karate Kid which offers Japanese food. I so love Japanese food, as to why, I don't know either. Here are some pictures I took a while ago. (I didn't get a chance to take a photo of the food of daddy's and tito's since they look so hungry already. Haha!)

After eating we decided to walk around the mall and do some window shopping. Yea, cause I'm broke. Lol. Then I feel like I want to eat some dessert so I went to J.Co Donuts. It's the hottest donuts in town! Everyone's getting crazy for these donuts and I wouldn't miss a chance to have a taste of it. When I got to the place, there were so many people. The line for the customers is already outside. It didn't took so long for me to order. I didn't order a dozen since I only want to taste if it's good.

And... It was great! I didn't have any regrets buying it. I love the white chocolate and nuts on it but the bread isn't so stuffy like the one's in Krispy Kreme. But all in all it was really good. The founder of J.Co donuts didn't kid when they named the J.Club Cheezy Rich because well, it was so cheesy! There were so many bits of cheese on it. But I'm not a fan of cheese so it's just good for me.

Tomorrow will be the resume of classes here in Manila. Ugh, I didn't feel my sembreak at all! Next time I'll really save up so that I can go out. I hate being broke -_- (No. 1 enemy and friend of a college student, Money)

Till then!



  1. I loveee Japanese food! The photos look great and you look great. xx

    1. They taste so good right? Haha. Thank you so much I really appreciate it. I checked and joined your blog. Nice blog you have there :)

  2. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it :D Thank you!


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