Monday, December 24, 2012

Shake up the happiness

Long sleeves : Penshoppe
Skirt: Customized
Leggings: My mom bought it in Ireland
Necklace: SM Department Store
Shoes: Parisian

Merry Christmas everyone! Yea, I know. I greeted you guys too early but who cares?! Did you guys already prepared your Noche Buena? For sure most of you already started cooking since this morning but let us not forget to wear our favorite outfit for this special occasion. 

So right now, as I am waiting for midnight, I decided to wear a casual yet comfy outfit for the night. I wore my trusty long sleeves since it is already cold outside. The long sleeves is perfect because the material is not too thick for me to feel hot and sweaty, and not too thin for me to shiver. It can also be worn as a cardigan since it has a golden zipper on the back of it. I love the green apple color of my long sleeves because it makes me feel vibrant and it is also one of the colors of Christmaaaaaas!

I paired my oh-so-vibrant top with my oh-so-vibrant orange skirt. The skirt was made a long time ago. I used to be a figure skater and the skirt used to be one of my outfit for usual practice. Who knows it could be useful to casual event? The skirt was made out of a spandex cloth. It is really stretchable and sparkly. I love the ruffles design of it. It gives a girly feel to my entire outfit.

And for the accessory, I paired it with a simple black laced necklace. I was going for a collar necklace but then I realized I don't have one! Yea, I should really get myself a collar necklace. It's like one of the must haves of a fashion blogger like me! But the necklace I chose give a similar vibes to a collar necklace so it will do :)

As for the leggings, it has a story behind it. It actually doesn't have those big holes but because of my carelessness and maybe a bit of the fact that I already have long nails, it resulted into a small hole but because it doesn't look right that I decided to add more holes! A rather big holes actually. But it came out alright so I guess I made a right decision. Hehe.

So that ends my outfit post tonight. I hope I gave you an idea on what to wear this holiday. This outfit could be worn in any casual day. 

Till my next post.

Jannine :)


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