Saturday, December 22, 2012

Unexpected Visit

Long sleeves: Lhasa
Short shorts: Penshoppe
Wedges: Parisian

So today I wasn't expecting a visit from someone, until my best friend from high school sent me a message that she is coming over. I immediately searched for an appropriate attire because I already had a feeling that I will be camwhoring as soon as Athella arrive. And yes, I was right. Athella and I talked about anything that comes out of our mind, well, especially boys. Haha! We ate, chat, and most importantly took photos like we are models. I just miss the girl so much. It was like several months that we didn't saw each other since we have busy schedules due to studies. But this afternoon was very well spent because of my bff, Athella.

That is it for today! Thank you for reading and comments are well appreciated :)

Love, Jannine

Thanks to Athella, who took my photos for my outfit post. I love that my legs look longer (well it is long but it looked the longest, if you guys get what I mean haha!)


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