Sunday, April 13, 2014

Movie Date

Obligatory bathroom mirror selfie
Goofie photo of me, Myrelle, and Chrystal

Last Thursday, my friends and I went out to watch a movie. After getting off from my clinical duty, I met up with my friends at the newly opened mall in Quezon city called Fairview Terraces. But before that, we ate at a restaurant which I could not recall the name. It's not because it is a hard one but rather I was too hungry to even care about it's name. After realizing we ordered too much, we decided to finish all the delicious food resulting into a food coma. 
We opt to watch Divergent since we really wanted to know what the hype was all about and we think we know now. Can I just spazz with you guys about how hot and gorgeous Tobias/Four/Theo in that movie? I swear, my friends and I could not contain all the feels while we were in the cinemas, especially the scene wherein Four took off his shirt to show his tattoo to Tris, which we figured that Tris just wanted to see Tobias shirtless. 
And if you are worrying if we disturbed the other audience, fear not because there were only 10 or more people who are inside the movie theater. Although, this movie theater is smaller than it's rival mall, I still think that I prefer watching in here. I swear, it was a cozy movie night. We were the first people to enter the theater. We got bored because we went in earlier. Being the teenagers that we are, we fooled around and took selfies around the theater. A great example was the last photo. We took more but we need to save ourselves from humiliation. For now, it'll be for our eyes only.
Excuse the LQ photos, I took it with the help of my friends. I just used an iPhone because lately, I've been feeling lazy to bring my bulky dslr. There is always next time so be sure to visit my blog when that time comes. As for the last photo, I shall get ready, I know my friends are gonna kill me if they see this. Ciao!

Wearing: Top Cotton On, Skirt Forever 21, Shoes Forever 21, Cardigan Zara

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